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From April 4 to April 7,  2014, the Béjart Ballet  Lausanne will be hosted by the Théâtre National de Chaillot in Paris where it will perform Light.


The next shows in Lausanne will be showcased from June 22 to June 30, 2014 at the Théâtre de Beaulieu. These shows are a tribute to Jorge Donn who performed the main roles of three choreographies of Maurice Béjart on Gustav Mahler’s music.
Ce que la mort me dit  /  Le Chant du compagnon errant  /  Ce que l’amour me dit

The box office is already open.


For the next season, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne is looking for 2 MALE SOLOISTS. Application details here

The English version of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne’s website is currently being developed. We thank you for your understanding.

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