Cercle des Amis

With your Cercle des Amis membership, you express your affiliation and support for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne and the heritage of one of the most celebrated choreographers of our times. You are part of its success and have the opportunity of getting to know better this internationally renowned Company. In addition, you will benefit from numerous Cercle des Amis advantages.

The Cercle is recognised as an Association of public utility. The donations and membership fees in favour of the donation are tax exempt and can be deducted on a federal, cantonal and communal level. An annual statement is given to each member at the beginning of the year.

The Cercle des Amis of BBL consists of natural and legal individuals. The memberships are annual.

The Cercle looks forward to welcoming new members that wish to take part in the rise of this cultural institution to promote its activities in Lausanne, Switzerland and abroad.


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Association du Cercle des Amis du Béjart Ballet Lausanne
Chemin du Presbytère, 1000 Lausanne 22
IBAN: CH730024324339963501N

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