Welcome to the Plan_B of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne!

Deprived of tours, a stage, and an audience since the beginning of the pandemic, we are initiating a plan b, our “Plan_B”. We are now opening our doors to schools, universities and the public so they can come and discover our work in a space with seating arrangements in the heart of our studio, named Plan_B.


Gil Roman designed Plan_B with a desire to share and allow schools, universities and the public to discover the company’s work:

_____Choreographic transmissions



_____Excerpts from the repertoire


Plan_B was inaugurated on September 11th in presence of the Cercle des Amis of the BBL. This space will host a series of events until December 2020. These events will focus on the daily rehearsal work of the company or presentations in performing conditions.

We are looking forward to welcoming you as soon as the sanitary situation will allow us to.




We deeply thank you for kind support and for helping our company during these trying times.


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