Bye bye baby blackbird
Joost Vrouenraets

“Contemplation on shadows of silence, anticipation on echos of physical absence. Joyfully embracing matters of obscurity, not-knowing and impermanence. I focus on the core of darkness and there I see a brightness…“

Joost Vrouenraets



Letter from my friend Elsa Van Der Heijden received during the creation of “Bye Bye Baby Blackbird” in the BBL studios in Lausanne:


Bye bye baby blackbird

You are my light in the morning

The flower of the day

You come back every day

Except today

There is no evening song

Before the dark takes over

The top of the tree is empty

But I will remember you

Baby blackbird

I will put an apple on the table

So your family can enjoy

I will never forget

Bye bye baby love

Sleep soft in your golden bed


Elsa Van Der Heijden

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