Valentina Turcu

Shakespeare’s theatrical masterpiece is still one of the most performed works in the world, perhaps because of the constant madness that surrounds us, the madness that continues to provoke and fascinate us.

Hamlet is of divine beauty, very physical and… metaphysical. All the roles in this tragedy are present in our lives. They haunt us, full of anguish, drama, intense love and tenderness. Shakespeare takes us into a hypnotic atmosphere, where the magnetic relationships between the characters are revealed by the dancers. I told them we were going to create a vertigo: an illusion of movement in everything around us, a feeling of moving through space.

I talk to Maurice Béjart between the steps I invent and the music. I want to pay tribute to him, as his influence is clearly reflected in my work. I walk invisibly with each dancer, inserting movement into the spoken word and the spoken word into a very fast, lively movement.

My work is always about human behavior, which stems from concrete motivations, present minds and feelings, as well as from secret, mystical, otherworldly universes, eternal truths… Hamlet explores the margins and depths of the human soul. It opens doors to the hearts of men and women with an invisible key: dance, a universal language.

Valentina Turcu

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