21 September 2018

dancing Beethoven tour



The documentary dancing Beethoven, directed by Arantxa Aguirre, which traces back the revival of The Ninth Symphony by Maurice Béjart is currently broadcasted around the world.


In 2014, Arantxa Aguirre followed the BBL, the Tokyo Ballet and the Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra during nine months, from the beginning of the choreographic work of The Ninth Symphony up to the first performance at the NHK Hall in Tokyo. The film dancing Beethoven retraces the daily life of 250 artists, dancers, singers and musicians from all over the world.

On film festivals’program across the world, dancing Beethoven will be broadcasted upon the following events*:

*Other projections will be planned between October and December, including in Rome, Athens, Nicosia, Cairo, Alexandria, Bucharest, Albuquerque and Tangier.

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