16 May 2019

Hirslanden – new medical partner

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne is pleased to announce its new medical partner: Hirslanden

Hirslanden and Béjart Ballet Lausanne, a partnership born out of shared values ​​: expertise and passion

The professional practice of dance requires a rigorous and specialized medical supervision. Hirslanden Bois-Cerf and Cecil clinics are proud to bring their expertise and become medical partners of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.

As part of this partnership, Hirslanden provides all dancers and members of the company with highly specialized medical supervision in the fields of sports medicine, physical and rehabilitation medicine, as well as in emergency medicine. They will also benefit from privileged access to affiliated specialist doctors from both clinics.

This powerful encounter is in line with the core values ​​of both partners: expertise and passion. Hirslanden and Béjart Ballet Lausanne are looking forward to developing this partnership together, united by these common values.

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