28 July 2020

Japan Tour | Cancelled

Béjart Ballet Lausanne Japan Tour canceled in September 2020

The Japan Performing Arts Foundations (NBS) and Béjart Ballet Lausanne regret to announce the definitive cancellation of the company’s tour in Japan next September. The unpredictable evolution of immigration restriction measures due to the fight against the COVID 19 pandemic in the country does not allow the organization of the tour, which was to take the BBL to Nishinomiya, Sapporo and Tokyo from September 11 to 22.


All tickets will be refunded.

For more information, please contact us at english@nbs.or.jp


  • Ticket holders for performances in Tokyo will be e-mailed with refund details.
  • Ticket holders for the performance in Nishinomiya or Sapporo are kindly requested to check the organizers’ website.


Aware of the inconvenience caused, the two partners thank the public for their understanding and support. Japan Performing Arts Foundation thanks in advance the spectators who donate the amount of their ticket by giving up their reimbursement.

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