Short pieces
Théâtre du Pré-aux-Moines
January, 20-21 2022

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne at the Théâtre du Pré-aux-Moines in Cossonay

The  Béjart Ballet Lausanne will be performing on January 20 and 21, 2022, at the Théâtre du Pré-aux-Moines in Cossonay, Switzerland. On this occasion, the company will present a series of short pieces from the repertoire of Maurice Béjart.




Choreographies: Maurice Béjart

Set design: Gil Roman

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Giuseppe Verdi, Pierre Henry, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Traditional indian music, Jacques Brel, Barbara

Costumes: Henri Davila, Anna De Giorgi, Jean-Paul Knott

Lighting design: Dominique Roman


Spectators will be asked to follow the sanitary measures imposed by the Théâtre du Pré-aux-Moines, as indicated on its website.

*Beware of the grey ticketing market: Béjart Ballet Lausanne cannot be held responsible for any purchase of show tickets outside the ticket offices officially mentioned on the website.

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