23 August 2017

To Nikola Zaric


©BBL_Lionel Henriod

He visited us at the Presbytère in the early spring days, his notebook in his pocket, curious as a child to discover a rehearsal of The Magic Flute. A friendly visit, the discovery of an unknown universe for the solitary sculptor, shaping in the clay some strange and fascinating figures, human bodies for animal heads…

While leaving the gallery overlooking the dance studio, his sketchbook all blackened, he timidly asked, “Can I come back? I have an idea…” Zaric came back a few times to draw and in his studio in Lausanne, he shaped eight characters from The Magic Flute, all produced in bronze, testimony to his admiration for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.

In a Portfolio dedicated to him in the last edition of our Cadanse program, he wrote: “These different personalities who blend to form a company, this teamwork, this sacred union deeply touched me. We crossed path, I took a little of their life by the stroke, maybe they felt my gaze, maybe not. This universe where they are always together to attain a form of tension fascinated me, while revealing a point of jealousy in the sculptor, always alone in his corner…”

To his wife Brigitte, his daughter Nanouchka, Gil Roman and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne express their deepest sympathy and sincere condolences.

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