Figures of Thought
Alonzo King

Which occurred first in the Big Bang Theory…movement or sound? They are the same. The principle expression of life is movement. Movement and sound are inextricably linked. One does not exist without the other. The sun, stars and planets move. Thoughts are movement. In fact, that is what ballets are – thought structures. Music is thought made audible and dance is thought made visible. The body with its beating heart, rushing blood, inhalation and exhalation, are all sound producing movements. Dance is living. And that is the point. All that lives is engaged in dance. Whether it is the brutality of war or the harmony of peace, there is not one living thing that is not dancing. There is a constant rhythm and sound in the cosmos – that rhythm and sound holds an alliance with the human body, and that rhythm and sound can be plugged into for the purpose of healing and knowledge. Primordial cultures understood this clearly.

Great dancing is a state of heightened awareness inside a transcendent balance – between will and surrender. Most dancers will tell you that in their treasured moments of dance – they felt as if they were being danced. Likewise, our great composers have communicated that their sublime works were not the result of intellectual rigor, but were gifts received. Creation is about discovery, and discovery indicates something was found – if found – that it already existed. What already exists within us is our perfection.

Alonzo King

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