Gil Roman

Kyôdaï is inspired by a short story of Jorge Luis Borges, L’intruse (The intruder). I cannot explain how this story developed into a Japanese tale. My numerous tours in Japan, my readings, and above all, my dancers have nourished this piece. What is certain is that the violent story of this love trio has always questioned me.

Gil Roman




Erik Satie

Album: 3 Gymnopédies ; Titles: Gymnopédie 1, Gymnopédie 3 ; Performer: Pascal Rogé ;
Record: Decca Music Group



Titles: Napouille, Barbarie, Naplongueouille, Complaite, Archibald, Tarantino, Japorose ; Performers: Thierry Hochstätter, jB Meier


Maurice Ravel

Album: Chant D’Amour – Mélodies françaises ; Title: Vocalise-étude en forme de Habanera ; Performers: Cécilia Bartoli (mezzo-sprano), Myung-Whun Chung (piano) ;
Record: Decca Music Group


Yoshida Brothers

Album: Yoshida Brothers Best Vol 1 ; Title: Blooming (Hyakka Ryouran) ;
Record: Sony Music Direct


Edith Piaf

Title: La Vie En Rose: Bara iro no jinseiばら色の人生 ; Performer: Mizora Hibari ;
Record: Columbia Music

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