11 January 2019

Gil Roman interview – RTS


Discover the interview* of Gil Roman on RTS’s radio show « Entre nous soit dit » with journalist  Mélanie Croubalian.


The BBL’s artistic director evokes his childhood memories, his early years in dance and what has been feeding his passion.

“Dance is a discipline that we deepen, which allows us to go further, which allows us to grow, to develop internally and in society”.

Through the voices of Rosella Hightower, Jorge Donn and Maurice Béjart, he comes back on his career, the encounters that have marked his life and his current work with the Béjart Ballet Lausanne.

“I don’t have foolish plans, things come naturally to me. Ballets are built – I direct and follow them. It’s the same with my dancers. All this is the teaching I received from Maurice.” – Gil Roman


*Interview in French

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