27 November 2019

Online tickets – Be careful !


For every show (Switzerland and worldwide), Béjart Ballet Lausanne advise you to be careful when buying your online tickets and to refer only to the official ticket offices mentioned on bejart.ch.


Unauthorized vendors pay to be well referenced online and to secure the top places on browser lists (Google, Bing). They offer tickets for all types of events. Buyers can feel they were cheated after buying their tickets on these websites – more expensive or invalid tickets, wrong dates, non-existant shows.



To combat the grey ticketing market, Béjart Ballet Lausanne is partner of FRC Ticket Check Campaign. A campaign initiated by the  Fédération romande des consommateurs (FRC, the consumer federation for French-speaking Switzerland), conducted in cooperation with ticket offices or cultural or sports companies sensitive to the defense of consumer rights and who want to fight against these frauds.


The only defense against these practices is to warn people about the pitfalls of buying tickets online.


Be careful when buying your tickets:

  • When using Google or Bing, do not click on the links at the top of the list of search results
  • Make sure you are on the site of the authorized ticketing office
  • Verify seat availability and ticket prices
  • Check the terms and conditions of admission to an event
  • For guidance and a list of the main unauthorized ticket offices, visit frc.ch/ticket


Have you fallen for such practices?

We encourage you to report such incidents at the FRC (in case of a current incident, consult the online help file).
Your testimonial will add weight to our efforts to ensure that consumers’ rights are respected.

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