t ‘M et variations…
Gil Roman

Special event


Maurice Béjart
Forest National
May 18 - 20, 2018

Maurice Béjart returns to the spirit of the Rite of Spring in a very different style. In this sense, unlike most artists who have illustrated Boléro choreographically before him, he spurns the easy choices of a picturesque exterior to simply – but so forcefully – express the essential.

Maurice Béjart gives the central role (La Mélodie) sometimes to a female dancer and other times to a male dancer. The rhythm is interpreted by a group of male dancers.


2017 marks 30 years since the Béjart Ballet Lausanne was founded and 10 years since Maurice Béjart’s demise. For this occasion, his successor Gil Roman and the company present a series of new performances.

Gil Roman presents t ’M et variations…, a ballet where every step is a word addressed to Maurice. Page after page under the form of a diary, the choreographer offers a series of variations about love and the internal need for dance. Fifty minutes – a novel – of pure dancing, the shock and the encounter of humans, friendships and love that link us together. And reconnects us…Towards and against all. Sometimes against everyone. Life, as always! A radical, fascinating choreography, a chronicle that reveals a festive day.

t ‘M et variations… is Maurice’s heritage as I see it, and how it continues to live thanks to this organism that is the company.”
Gil Roman


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