Gil Roman

Un cygne d’autrefois se souvient que c’est lui

Maurice Béjart

Bhakti III
Maurice Béjart

Altenberg Lieder
Maurice Béjart


Maurice Béjart
Navoi Theatre
May 4 to 6, 2018

For their first time in Uzbekistan, the Béjart Ballet Lausanne will present five ballets of its repertoire.

Impromptu… by Gil Roman, Un Cygne d’autrefois se souvient que c’est lui, Bhakti III, Altenberg Lieder and Piaf by Maurice Béjart.

Inspired by his female dancers, Gil Roman creates Impromptu…, a ballet which illustrates different choreographic perspectives, from the elegance of the soli and of the pas de deux, to the energy of the ensembles, on Franz Schubert and Citypercussion’s music.

Maurice Béjart arranged the choreography of Un Cygne d’autrefois se souvient que c’est lui 25 years ago for Gil Roman. This time, the solo is handed down to—and interpreted by—two dancers from the company. Maurice Béjart takes us then into the universe of the Hindu divinities with  Bhakti III, before counting us a unique moment lived by three beings in Altenberg Lieder. Finally, the evening will end in Paris with Piaf, and the stupendous, omnipresent, immortal voice of the singer.


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