Alors on danse… !
Gil Roman

“We wanted lightness during these troubled times. I composed a sequence of choreographies centered around the classical technique, which had no other purpose than the pleasure of dancing. I dedicate it to Patrick Dupond, who represented it for me!”


Gil Roman


John Zorn

Album: Filmworks XI – 2002 Volume One, Secret Lives;
Performers: John Zorn, Masada String Trio; Distribution: Tzadik

  • Hatzalah
  • Yesoma
  • Motzee
  • Darkly



Private recordings; Performers: Thierry Hochstätter, jB Meier

  • Petit Lac
  • Rendez-Vous
  • Triplette
  • Prélude à deux
  • Touchez pas


Bob Dylan

Album: Planet Waves (1974); Title: Forever Young (Fast Version); Performer: Bob Dylan; Distribution: Columbia

Album: Sons of Anarchy; Title: Forever Young; Performers: Audra Mae & The Forest Rangers; Distribution: Sony Music


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