The Rite of Spring
Maurice Béjart

What is spring but this immense primitive force long slumbering under the coat of winter that suddenly breaks forth and lights up the world of plants, animals and humans?

Human love, in its physical aspect, symbolizes the very act by which the divinity created the cosmos and the joy that it drew from this. At a time when anecdotal borders of the human mind are gradually falling apart, we must reject all folklore that is not universal and only remember the essential forces of man, which are the same on all continents, under all latitudes, in all eras.

Let this ballet, stripped of all artifices of the picturesque, be the hymn of this union of man and woman deep within their flesh, the union of sky and earth, the dance of life or death, as eternal as spring!

Maurice Béjart




Igor Stravinsky

Album: Le Sacre du Printemps (Version 1947); Director: Pierre Boulez; Performer: Cleveland Orchestra; Distribution: Sony

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