22 December 2021

DIXIT on bejart.tv

Dixit exclusively on bejart.tv for the holidays

The Bejart Ballet Lausanne is pleased to release Dixit exclusively on bejart.tv, its video-on demand (VOD) platform, to celebrate the holidays. This “Cinema-Dance-Theatre” show, written and directed by Marc Hollogne, is a tribute combining reality and virtuality, choreographies by Maurice Béjart and Gil Roman, original creations and archive films. The show can be viewed starting now!



Dixit is a unique dialogue between the film screen and the stage where the company’s past and present interact. Footage shot nearly 30 years ago in the BBL’s intimate setting puts Maurice Béjart back at the heart of his company. We can watch and hear him talk with his successor and actual dancers. This “Cinema-Dance-Theatre“ show, written and directed by Marc Hollogne has been a crowd favorite since 2017, when it premiered at the Beaulieu Theatre in Lausanne. This ballet explores Maurice Béjart’s thought processes, the connections between dance, the arts and humanity, from the master’s childhood to his passing.


“The idea behind Dixit is to explore the Béjart Ballet Lausanne allowing us to get closer to the source
of inspiration. Where does it come from? How do we innovate without repeating ourselves? How do we translate captured inspirations into choreographic language? There are as many questions about
how to grasp this creative process as how to dive into the imaginative minds of both Maurice Béjart
and Gil Roman.” – Marc Hollogne


Dixit is included in the annual subscription (USD 29.99). It can also be rented individually for USD 15.99 instead of USD 19.99 (this special holiday offer is valid until January 10, 2022).


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