Quatre préludes pour violoncelle
Liebe und Tod
Bhakti III
Maurice Béjart

Basso Continuum
Gil Roman
Mihai Eminescu National Theater
September 19, 2023

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne for the first time in Timișoara, Romania


The Béjart Ballet Lausanne will dance for the first time at Mihai Eminescu National Theater in Timișoara, Romania on September 19, 2023. The company will present Quatre préludes pour violoncelle, Liebe und Tod, Bhakti III, by Maurice Béjart, and Basso Continuum, by Gil Roman, to the live music of Richard Dubugnon.


Gil Roman opens the evening with three choreographic pieces from Maurice Béjart’s repertoire, showing various facets of the master’s work: Quatre préludes pour violoncelle, Liebe und Tod and Bhakti III.


Basso Continuum, created by Gil Roman with music by Richard Dubugnon played live on stage, will close the programme. “Basso Continuum takes on an intimate form for the eight dancers, drawing on different musical inspirations ranging from baroque to jazz, funk, disco, romantic and contemporary music. The piece, choreographed by Gil Roman, seeks its own echoes in the charming chiaroscuro style and explores the dreamlike dimension of shadows, like a poetry of contrast where the double bass – the quintessential baroque “basso continuo” instrument – symbolizes continuity through the musical styles of which it is the common denominator.” – Juliette De Banes Gardonne (Opéra de Lausanne)


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