Liebe und Tod
Maurice Béjart

Maurice Béjart has created many ballets based on the music of Gustav Mahler: Le Chant du compagnon errant, Ce que l’Amour me dit, Ce que la Mort me dit, Adagietto, A force de partir je suis resté chez moi…(Song of a Wayfarer, What Love Tells Me, What Death Tells Me, Adagietto, By dint of leaving I stayed at home).

In Liebe und Tod, the choreographer took a “Lied” which had already been put to dance: Wo die schönen Trompetten blasen, and matched it with a new creation for Gil Roman: La Mort du tambour (The Death of the Drum). The latter is choreographed on Der Tamboursg’sell, another “Lied” by Mahler taken from the collection titled Des Knaben Wunderhorn.




Gustav Mahler

Album: Des Knaben Wunderhorn Great Recordings of the Century ; Director: George Szell ; Performers: London Symphony Orchestra, Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau ; Record: EMI Classics


  • Der Tamboursg’sell
  • Wo die schönen Trompeten blasen

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