Symphonie pour un homme seul
Maurice Béjart

How to respond to the crowd’s roar? With violins? With oboes? Which orchestra can claim to be able to balance this other cry that man in his solitude cannot manage to utter?

Let’s drop the accents of the cello, too cowardly for the contemporary man, his daily journey and collective anguish. Footsteps, voices, familiar noises are enough

Footsteps approach him, voices pass through him making love or war, the whistling of bombs or a song tune.

Let the modern dancer, without costume or set, be without drum or trumpet. To the rhythm of his own heart, if he is sincere, his dance will be truer.


Pierre Schaeffer, 1955




Pierre Henry, Pierre Schaeffer

Album: Mix Pierre Henry 02.1 – Symphonie pour un homme seul – Le voyage;
Title : Symphonie pour un homme seul ; Distribution : Philips


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