The other song of dance
Yuka Oishi

Dreams and the power of the imagination tell us about things that move beyond space and time. I feel like they are dreams floating between life and death, some kind of energy that we cannot see but feel. It would be very empty and sad if the world we lived in was limited to what we could only see. When we discover love in this emptiness, is it not then a dream? Somehow ephemeral, but tender?


Dancers are words. With our bodies, we arouse the soul’s cry. To do this, we have to repeat the same gestures day after day, practicing again and again, looking inward.


When I read Maurice Béjart’s book The other song of dance, I was able to dance with his dreams and his imagination. You don’t really have to read his writings to appreciate my creation: the important thing is the energy of human’s of flesh and blood, which the audience and dancers can feel together.


When children listen to music, they start to dance, drawn by the rhythm and music; “Dance” is very simple, but it speaks to you deeply.

Yuka Oishi


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