The other song of dance
Yuka Oishi

The other song of dance was written in the early fall of 1972 in a small apartment in Brussels, when Maurice Béjart was in a state of reverie. It is a special book: the author questions his own existence, describes his life struggles, realizations, dreams and most importantly, his love for dance.


His words made me realize what is the foundation of true dance. The idea for this piece came to me to express through movement the different emotions that rise and flow through all of us, as well as the different types of love and light in the soul. These elements are invisible to the naked eye but they are always there, no matter the situation.


As a creator, my mission is to weave the past, present and future, and to transmit them. I express my deep respect and admiration to the many wonderful artists and creators who, with a deep love for dance, led dance into modern performing arts. I sincerely hope that the infinite possibilities offered by this wonderful language will continue to guide us into the future.

Yuka Oishi



Gustav Mahler

Album: Symphonie N°3 in D Minor; Director: Léonard Bernstein; Performers: New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Martha Lipton (mezzo-soprano), Women’s Chorus of Schola Cantorum, Boy’s Choir of Church of Transfiguration; Distribution: Sony


Album: The Very Best of Thomas Hampson; Title: Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen; Performers: Thomas Hampson, Wolfram Rieger; Distribution: EMI

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