Là où sont les oiseaux
Gil Roman

While I was preparing this tour in China, I had the pleasure of meeting in our Lausanne studios, Mr. Chen Sheng Lai. On this occasion, he handed me a text he had written, Le charme de la vie (the charm of life).  Echoing this poem, images and ideas had emerged: life – death – re-birth – cycle – Ying – Yang – balance. Suddenly, a light… Marta Pan.

This incredible sculptor, who I had the pleasure to meet and whose works are exhibited worldwide, was a close friend of Maurice Béjart. They collaborated on various occasions, among others in 1959, when Marta Pan created Equilibre (Balance), which inspired Maurice Béjart to create the ballet with the same name, in, around and with the sculpture.Excepting this sculpture, for this ballet, nothing remains; there is no trace of choreography.

So I started working from the text of Chen Sheng Lai and the work of Marta Pan. Thierry Hochstätter and jB Meier, who worked on my two latest creations, composed the original music for this new piece.

A studio, dancers and music
Marta, Maurice

Gil Roman

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