Ballet for Life
Maurice Béjart
Bunka Kaikan
September 20-22, 2020

Japan Performing Arts Foundation and the Béjart Ballet Lausanne regret to announce the definitive cancellation of the company’s tour in Japan next September. The unpredictable evolution of immigration restriction measures due to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country does not allow the organization of the tour, which was to take the BBL to Nishinomiya, Sapporo and Tokyo from September 11 to 22.


All tickets will be refunded.

For more information, please contact us at


  • Ticket holders for performances in Tokyo will be e-mailed with refund details.
  • Ticket holders for the performance in Nishinomiya or Sapporo are kindly requested to check the organizers’ website.


Aware of the inconvenience caused, the two partners thank the public for their understanding and support. Japan Performing Arts Foundation thanks in advance the spectators who donate the amount of their ticket by giving up their reimbursement.

Japan tour – Ballet for Life by Maurice Béjart at Bunka Kaikan, Tokyo

Performed for the last time in Tokyo in 2008, Ballet for Life created by Maurice Béjart is back on the Bunka Kaikan’s stage from September 20 to 22, 2020. To the music of Queen, Mozart and costumes designed by Versace, this ballet is about youth and hope in tribute to Jorge Donn and Freddie Mercury. The choreography is a reflection on life, death and love.



“A little over thirty years ago, in between Berlioz surprising music interspersed with bombing and the sound of ma­chine guns, an unconventional Friar Lawrence cried out to Jorge Donn and Hitomi Asakawa: “Make love, not war!”

Today, Gil Roman, who is about the same age as the creation of my Romeo and Juliet, surrounded by dancers who have never seen this ballet, answers: “You told us to make love, not war. We made love. Why is love waging war on us?”

A cry from the youth, for whom the problem of death by Love is added to the multiple wars that have never ceased in the world since the so-called END of the last World War!

Above all, my ballets are encounters: with music, with life, with death, with love… with all those, whose life and works find a renewal within me. Moreover, the dancer who I am no longer is reincarnated each time by the dan­cers who surpass this former self.

A love affair with the music by Queen. Invention, violence, humour, love: it’s all there. I love the group. They inspire me and guide me, sometimes through this no man’s land where we will all go one day and where, I am sure, Fred­die Mercury is playing a duet on the piano with Mozart.

A ballet about youth and hope, as hopeless and optimistic as they are. Despite everything, I believe that “the show must go on”, as Queen put it in one of their songs.“

– Maurice Béjart





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