17 December 2023

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne sweeps Beaulieu away aboard Nivagation

Belgian artist Marc Hollogne premiered his latest work for the Béjart Ballet Lausanne at the Beaulieu Theater in Lausanne last night. The packed house gave a standing ovation to this Cinema–Dance–Theater performance, choreographed by Gil Roman, which was preceded by two choreographies by Maurice Béjart: the Concerto in D ballet and Adage pour deux. The show runs until December 22.


The Béjart Ballet Lausanne sailed off last night in Lausanne. The audience filled the Beaulieu Theater and gave Gil Roman‘s company a standing ovation at the end of Nivagation, a new work by Belgian artist Marc Hollogne. The show combines Cinema-Dance-Theater with dance and the choreography is highly inspired by the BBL’s choreographer and artistic director.

Two pieces by Maurice Béjart opened the program, delighting the crowd with their graceful execution: the Concerto in D ballet, danced for the first time since 2002. Maurice Béjart‘s ballet, set to Igor Stravinsky’s music, offers no anecdote or message other than “the harmonious relationships between time and space, Béjart wrote at the time, forms that never stand still, winding and unwinding around subtle melodies and rhythmic constructions”. Right in the middle of this”game”, an instrument that is both tender and masterful, technically brilliant and sensual; a woman: a dancer”, the majestic Solène Burel!

Elisabet Ros and Julien Favreau were next up in Adage pour deux: a hieratic pas de deux taken from Malraux ou la Métamorphose des dieux, created in 1986 at the Cirque Royal in Brussels to Beethoven’s “Violin Sonata Op.30”. A man, facing the firing squad, remembers… somewhere between dream and reality, the soloists move with nuance and subtlety in the final dance: a poignant duet.

Finally, Nivagation: six years after making Maurice Béjart interact with the dancers of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne in Dixit, Marc Hollogne presents an artistic project that is both divagation and navigation. “The day-to-day life of a sorting center worker is played on the big screen, showing all its weariness. An event throws him back into his past, the screen rises and the worker escapes. He is on a theater stage, and dancers appear to continue the story…”.Dance steers it and never lets it go in a series of scenes which lead the hero towards the light… Watch this adventure until Friday December 22 (with a break on Monday December 18).

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