Nutcracker – Rehearsal photos

Casse-Noisette ©BBL - Gregory Batardon
Nutcracker – Rehearsal photos

Christmas Eve. A child is sitting alone beside a sparse Christmas tree. A few garlands from former Christmases hang sadly on its branches.

The child’s mother is dead.

Suddenly, like a dream or as if by magic, his mother is there beside him and leaves a small gift under the tree.

The enchanted night begins. The gift grows bigger and becomes a miraculous icon. Friends jump out. The mother is there, followed by two Angels of light and Marius-Mephisto.

The entire room dances and rings out with the child’s laughter.

Is it a dream?

Reality is what we think it is. Reality is the moment, here and now. Freed from anguish, the child sees the pas de deux from the Nutcracker ballet directed by Marius, his teacher, and danced by the prince and princess.

He will be a dancer.

Maurice Béjart

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